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LazyDoor™ - Automatic Door Closer

LazyDoor™ - Automatic Door Closer

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No More Shouting "CLOSE THE F****** DOOR!"

Don't you hate it when someone comes into your room and leaves the door open?


We hate that too, that is why we invented the LazyDoor™!


This amazing invention will make your door close itself whenever someone leaves your room. How cool is that?!


It is effortless to install too. Simply attach the LazyDoor™ to the wall, stick the hook to your door and attach the metal string from LazyDoor™ to the hook and you're good to go!


Here Is Why People Love The LazyDoor™:

  • Protect Your Privacy - Finally stop worrying about your family members peeking into your room.


  • Unbreakable - The LazyDoor™ comes equipped with a high-quality metal string that has passed durability tests over 10,000 times. You can be sure that the LazyDoor™ will last you forever!


  • Easy To Install - Simply stick the LazyDoor™ to the wall and the hook to your door using the included double sided tape and attach the metal string from LazyDoor™ to the hook. It's literally that simple!


  • No Drilling Required - Install the LazyDoor™ without the hassle of drilling! Simply use the included double sided tape! No worries, the tape won't leave any residue on your wall or door if you decide to uninstall the LazyDoor™.


Your Order Includes

1x LazyDoor™ - Automatic Door Closer

1x Instruction Manual


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